Would you like to know anything about the UBL Chitral Branch? So we will provide you all the necessary information in this post which will be useful for you. If you want to know its branch code for internet banking or any other purpose, which is 1170. Or you don’t know the address of this branch and if you want to go to the branch, its address is Main Bazar, Chitral. You can also call this phone number or contact number 0943-412997 for your account information.

UBL Chitral Branch

ubl bank branch code

Also, if you want to get your own car, the bank helps you and you can easily become the owner of your car. This bank provides all the faculties related to finance, under the terms and conditions provided by the State Bank of Pakistan.

Click on this link to get more info about the UBL Isa Khel branch.

UBL Chitral Branch Contact Details

Branch Address   Main Bazar, Chitral
Branch Code1170
Phone/Contact Number 0943-412997
Helpline Number021-111-825-888
Websitewww.ubldirect.com, www.ubldigital.com